Villain Names: 60+ Cool Ideas For Male And Female

Every hero needs a good villain- someone to make them look even more heroic. But what makes a good villain name? Usually, something that sounds slightly evil, or at least devious. But sometimes you just want something that sounds cool. Here are some ideas for both male and female villains. Villain Names For Male Nothing … Read more

50+ Frieza Race Names (2022 Update)

Speak of a mysterious race, and you’ll not be far fetched from being introduced to the Frieza race. Few commonly known members of this race include Chilled, King Cold, Cooler, Kuriza, Frost, etc. Not much is known about the race’s origin because we were not told about their home planet, but all the known members … Read more

27+ Great Dwarven City Names

I love a good fantasy story! I love how these stories catapult us out of our realm into a different reality, a different place and time. The beautiful thing about great fantasy stories like George R. R Martin’s “Game of Thrones” or Brandon Sanderson’s “The Way of Kings”, Ursula Legun’s “A Wizard of Earthsea” or … Read more

40 Cool Mermaid Names

Names are adorable when you can relate to them. Some people believe the meaning of a name goes a long way to affect the personality, while others choose names to bring to life the fanciful memories they have had with a character or place. We get intrigued by mermaid names not just because of how … Read more

37 Cool Mercenary Company Names

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of mercenaries is violence, right? Well, me too. In real life, mercenaries are individuals and private contractors who deal with military conflict in exchange for personal gain or a form of payment. They are usually third parties to these conflicts too. An interesting fact is … Read more

67+ Awesome Seawing Names

Seawings are also known as ocean dragons or sea dragons. They are a Pyrrhian tribe of dragons that reside in the sea. Seawings are somewhat short in height. They have long compact bodies and short legs. They also have curved horns, a curved slender snout, and two barbels under their jaws. They also have webbed … Read more

111+ Creative Tooth fairy Names

As a child, I believed so much about tooth fairies. When I lost a tooth, my parents made me believe that a fairy would leave prices under my pillow while I slept. More or less, I got rewarded for losing my tooth. In all honesty, every time I lost a tooth, I got gifts under … Read more

60+ Powerful Black Dragon Names

Several beliefs surround the existence of dragons. For example, the Christian faith portrays dragons to be demonic creatures. The Chinese, Tibetan, and Bhutanese, on the other hand, consider the dragon to be the epitome of wisdom and power. Though these several belief systems are ancient, they have formed a solid basis for how many of … Read more

55 Female Dragon Names Collection

Don’t we all wonder and stare at the mystical being called “Dragon” is real, fiction or just a tale? Well, I remember seeing a movie where I first sighted this creature. What a scary beauty in its polished scaly skin, gigantic yet flying so high in the sky, descending with a rumbling growl, and oh, … Read more

72+ Great Unicorn Names and Fantasy Guild Names

When you hear the word unicorn, what comes to your mind? For me, it’s a picture of a white horse-like creature with a single horn protruding from the forehead and sparkly eyes. I bet you have a similar picture too. Though we haven’t seen a unicorn before, we all have these glimmering glimpses in our … Read more