111+ Creative Tooth fairy Names

Last Updated on November 11, 2021

As a child, I believed so much about tooth fairies. When I lost a tooth, my parents made me believe that a fairy would leave prices under my pillow while I slept.

More or less, I got rewarded for losing my tooth. In all honesty, every time I lost a tooth, I got gifts under my pillow, but I don’t know where they came from; if there was a fairy or it was my parents. But, it didn’t matter to me, these gifts made me excited about losing my tooth.

Because the tooth fairy is another fairytale, I would do this for my kids!.

I would bring more life to the party by giving names to each tooth fairy that came by.

Let’s take a look at some funny fairy tales names.

Tooth Fairy Names for Girls

  • Purple chocolate fairy
  • Sweet tooth fairy
  • Blue pillow case fairy
  • Sleeping beauty fairy
  • Blossom Fairy
  • Ella
  • The enchanted fairy 8. Santa’s fairy
  • Angel fairy
  • Fairy Star

Cool Tooth Fairy Names for Boys

  • Spider man Fairy
  • Williams Wild Fairy
  • The moon Fairy
  • Superman Fairy
  • Fairy Gary
  • Golden tooth
  • Jesse Fairy
  • Thunderbolt Fairy
  • Zephyr
  • The glassy tooth fairy

Creative Tooth Fairy Names for Everyone

  • Pillow gifts
  • Teeth for gifts
  • Bliss fairy
  • Wild tooth
  • Wisdom tooth fairy
  • Luck fairy
  • The wind’s fairy
  • Good deeds fairy
  • The fairy band
  • Fairytale

How to create a Good Tooth Fairy Name

Choosing tooth fairy names can be fun, creative, and exciting. It gives one the ability to choose at random with the things that excite the child, instead of relying on the internet or the ones mentioned above.

These tips would guide you:

  • Think of anything that excites the child: Every child lives in an imaginative world that is being created by what the child is exposed to. A child who is in love with cartoons would do anything to meet their favorite cartoon characters. As such, if told that their favorite cartoon character came by. It would excite the child. This could be a basis for a tooth fairy’s name.
  • The bedspread and pillowcase: This is another guide to picking which tooth fairy’s name. It could be the color. It could also be the design on the bedspread. All these can be an inspiration for naming the tooth fairy.
  • Using unique names: Best friend’s name? Teacher’s name? Or any name at all that is beautiful and could give ideas to the child. E.g., the angel fairy or fairy star or Ella. These are unique names that leave the child curious for more. If the child is interested in sports, the names of sports icons are great for this purpose.
  • Sex: Unless, of course, for general tooth fairy names, one primary thing to consider when choosing names for tooth fairies is the sex of the child(ren).