60+ Powerful Black Dragon Names

Last Updated on November 3, 2021

Several beliefs surround the existence of dragons.

For example, the Christian faith portrays dragons to be demonic creatures. The Chinese, Tibetan, and Bhutanese, on the other hand, consider the dragon to be the epitome of wisdom and power. Though these several belief systems are ancient, they have formed a solid basis for how many of us picture dragons in our minds. If not of recent when the TV show, Game of Thrones, began to change that narrative.

However, each of these belief systems seems to agree that dragons are strong and powerful creatures that can be dangerous when needed. With this same mind, some gamers think it’s good to form groups and give them black dragon names. If you are in that category and you’re looking for the best black dragon names to give your team, you are in the right place.

We understand that it can be challenging to come up with dragon-related names because we are not used to them in this dispensation. However, there are dragon clans who have, for many years, given themselves to the dragon way and, therefore, have an array of dragon names from which you can pick. Check out our suggestions below for notable black dragon names;

Female Black Dragon Names

Female Black Dragons are prone to combat each other, especially regarding matters about male dragons. When they develop a love interest for the same male dragon (just as your team has the same game interest as other teams), they battle it out;

  • Aenyphelth
  • Ormyphess
  • Pairorrelth
  • Symrirraenth
  • Qyrgophorth
  • Ommeontuth
  • Chieraphos
  • Frezentylth
  • Lezzentunth
  • Lynnaynoass
  • Hoarranterth
  • Rumryphylth
  • Zuphontinth
  • Vazzessys
  • Lenneralth
  • Nogheorryss
  • Riondissylth
  • Rummussunth
  • Freommaner
  • Lovepharth
  • Sarsoanoth
  • Forvuntyt
  • Frendressur
  • Dutheleilth
  • Byzzadirth

Male Black Dragon Names

The male dragons are said to be arrogant, irresponsible, and self-serving. They tend to brag about their wealth in hopes that the female dragons will catch on. That’s the same way you may want your team to dominate the gaming World and declare your intentions with one of these black dragon names;

  • Chemresdiss
  • Bommianth
  • Vinnaentoin
  • Geirvointieth
  • Vepaydoiss
  • Frievrerry
  • Froirrurer
  • Qundryrrynth
  • Gyndrossoig
  • Fraygiephoarth
  • Iodophyrth
  • Baizzaessainth
  • Xukaephon
  • Daendrialeis
  • Neotophurth
  • Memraranth
  • Tymrantayss
  • Grezziesdud
  • Choaneilth
  • Gudraydyss
  • Chughucred
  • Choazurrunth
  • Grighirranth
  • Qommerinth
  • Friathaintaig

Gender-Neutral Black Dragon Names

You might want a black dragon name that doesn’t have an affiliation to a specific black dragon, especially if your team has a combination of both genders. In that case, you’ll find one of these names helpful;

  • Aidan
  • Arrow
  • Blade
  • Azdaha
  • Evren
  • Chance
  • Neak
  • Imoogi
  • Pachuca
  • Rong
  • Sawa
  • Yong
  • Yam

How to Create a Good Black Dragon Name

In choosing a dragon name, the most important is the ability to convey a message to society. Another thing is to consider the purpose for which you want the name. If you want a dragon name because you’re going to a fun party or Halloween, you would want a fun or funny dragon name.

On the other hand, if you want the name for a gaming team, you will need to pick a name that portrays a commanding influence. The name has to pass a message of dominance, such as most male black dragon names. However, for those who are not necessarily in competition but have an audience to appeal to—probably on YouTube—you’ll need a cute and lovely name such as those of the female black dragons.