48 Legendary and Unique Bow names

The bow is a ranged weapon system that consists of a string attached to both ends of a long piece of curved wood. Bows are sometimes referred to as crossbows or longbows. They were initially intended for hunting and warfare. But in recent times, bows are now utilized for targeting shooting, sports and shooting competition, … Read more

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40 Fantasy Last Names For Your D&D Campaign or Novel

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50 Demon Hunter Names for your Next Fiction

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30+ Cool Monster Names That You Have NEVER Seen Before

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75 Cool Axe Names And Ideas for You

When we speak of powerful weapons, what comes to the mind of the majority are swords, guns, and probably, hammers. But, other classes of weapons also deserve some attention because they can be just as dangerous as these other weapons. In fact, in some cases, this weapon could be more powerful than the sword. The … Read more