37 Cool Mercenary Company Names

Last Updated on November 11, 2021

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of mercenaries is violence, right? Well, me too.

In real life, mercenaries are individuals and private contractors who deal with military conflict in exchange for personal gain or a form of payment. They are usually third parties to these conflicts too.

An interesting fact is that being a mercenary is one of the world’s oldest jobs.

Now that brings me to an important question, have you ever wondered what a company of virtual mercenaries could be named? Like a name you could give to the team you form with your friends while playing Call of Duty.

Choosing a name for a mercenary company could be quite tricky, but I’ve thought up several names that could be of use.

Cool Mercenary Company Names

  • Pay first, kill next
  • Walking Weapons
  • Karma’s disciples
  • Abandoned homework
  • Kill first, ask next.
  • Headphone gang
  • Men of the gun (boys)
  • NoMercy-varies
  • Rescue queens (girls)
  • Black Angels

Best Mercenary Company Names

  • Yellow Chainsaw Soldiers
  • Gold Alligator Company
  • Denim Ghost Riders
  • Rapacious Rebels
  • Spider Brotherhood
  • Saber Tribe
  • Yellow Gorilla Sisterhood
  • Sapphire Banner Soldiers
  • Elite Commandos
  • Fire Water Tribe
  • Brown Rose Posse
  • Sanguine Hog Soldiers
  • Mammoth Company
  • Thunder Eagle Posse
  • Cardinal Banner Posse
  • Sapphire Knuckle Gang
  • Violet Undead Squad
  • Demon Eagle Riders
  • Crystal Chainsaw Company
  • Sanguine Sword Tribe
  • Ice Gorilla Brotherhood
  • Indomitable Quests
  • Crimson Rat Company
  • Spider Company
  • Rose Tribe
  • Diamond Ravenclaw Association
  • Violet Hand Soldiers

How To Create Awesome Mercenary Company Names

If none of the above names seem suitable enough, the following are ways in which you can create your Mercenary company name:

  • List the ideas you have for the name: This could even include numbers you want to add at the end of the name, like the number of persons in the team. It could also include an acronym for every teammate’s name (Kyle, Innie, Jem, and Anta could form Kija Mercenaries as a company name).
  • Consider the circumstances in which the team was formed: For example, if you could meet your team members at a party where you were all bored, you could name the team ‘party poopers’ or ‘roller coasters.’ This usually results in names with subtle meanings, which one of the team members usually has to explain to non team members before it is understood. However, it turns out very cool.
  • The race, gender, complexion of another identity of the teammates: If you’re all African or African American and female, the name ‘Dark Angels’ would fit the most. The nationality could also help in choosing a name.
  • Common interests: If the team members bonded over a book or a movie, you can use the name of the book or movie as your mercenary company name. Hobbies could also help in this situation. Team members who bonded over the love of reading can use names like ‘literate mercenaries’.
  • A color, object, or material: These can help choose a name. For example, ‘yellownaries.’ It is almost the same as common interests, but this mainly deals with tangible objects that aren’t art and can not be hobbies.

The most important thing to consider while getting or trying to form a mercenary company name is that all team members agree to the name. This would help avoid disputes later on.

Some mercenary names make no sense to outsiders but make all the sense to team members. This is why it is more important to make sure that the team understands the concept of the name.