55 Female Dragon Names Collection

Last Updated on November 3, 2021

Don’t we all wonder and stare at the mystical being called “Dragon” is real, fiction or just a tale?

Well, I remember seeing a movie where I first sighted this creature. What a scary beauty in its polished scaly skin, gigantic yet flying so high in the sky, descending with a rumbling growl, and oh, that breathe of fire, how magical.

Whether you got to love dragons or dragon names via folklore, movie series, myths, Legends, books, games, or whatever means you encountered dragon names, those names are attention gripping, sometimes ferocious, and at other times more subtle.

While there is quite an avalanche of dragon names online, getting a female dragon name has seemed to be frustrating for many folks out there. Well, suppose you have gone through a similar frustrating tour of online search for female dragon names. In that case, you can now sigh with suiting relief as you are about to go through female dragon names that are inspiring, attention grabbing, and will fit into any one of your reasons for searching for female dragon names.

20 Female Dragon Names (Animal derivative)

  • Viathani
  • Ejolah
  • Ritalia
  • Monata
  • Veneka
  • Kanness
  • Fellada
  • Battana
  • Komodin
  • Juatara
  • Womana
  • Penguna
  • Tinda
  • Fruba
  • Genora
  • Chiroma
  • Dracolen
  • Batina
  • Squita
  • Flyta

20 Female Dragon Names (Female names derivatives)

  • Janneta
  • Sophela
  • Bekah
  • Clouditah
  • Kandita
  • Ellenis
  • Kusefinna
  • Linga
  • Kirenna
  • Lauditan
  • Marthara
  • Kutelah
  • Linderin
  • Jueda
  • Miala
  • Jadetta
  • Briaann
  • Mylata
  • Karmeka
  • haniyeh

15 Swift Female Dragon Names

  • Myotis
  • Hotta
  • Jellat
  • Meadan
  • Bekita
  • Flammy
  • Cella
  • Erakia
  • Wind
  • Quickin
  • Wind
  • Ontanna
  • Nanotta
  • Splittin
  • Dashila

How to Create a Unique Female Dragon Name

Whatever your reasons for searching for a female dragon name or names, I am certain you must have found a few appealing ones that suit your purpose. If you have some names in mind that you would like to reconstruct to a female dragon name, let us guide you through.

Also, if you want to use a creative or fictitious female dragon name but you don’t know how, read further and adopt some of the hints provided here and be rest assured that you will come up with suitable female dragon names.

  • Purpose: you have to consider the purpose of selecting a female dragon name, you have to decide whether it is for a cartoon character, a book, movie, games, baby’s name or, any other reasons and then try to come up with your female dragon names, your preferred location could even help you come up with great female dragon names.
  • Make it linger- Try to come up with a unique name. It could be from a movie or a derivative of a name from folklore or legend that has not been eroded by the passage of time.
  • Simple with a feminine touch– avoid coming up with names that have very sharp suffixes or ends, add subtle touch to make it more feminine, but be careful not to make this too obvious so as not to lose the fierceness.

Whether you decide to choose a name from the list in this article or try to come up with your unique names with our help, be assured that your female dragon name stands to stay on the lips of dragon lovers.