1001+ Awesome Purple Team Names

Last Updated on November 11, 2021

When you appear as a team either in sports, debate, or project team, people first look for your team name.

This is so because your team name reveals your identity, capacity, and how well your team can influence people’s minds.

Creating a team name is very important for the achievement of success and the team’s goals. It is meant to reveal the intention, target, and what the team stands for. This also affects the mindset of the members, influencing the right attitude and strengthening them to achieve team goals.

Color has an effect on the mind and emotions of humans. It also affects the way the body responds. This is basically the reason for using colors to create team names. Purple is a calm but exciting color. The mere sight of it gives a calm and warm experience. Someone once said, “when I see a set of people in purple clothes, I feel so calm and at peace.” Have you ever felt that way? This experience is connected to the real essence of the purple color.

Purple signifies ambition, royalty, extravagance, luxury, wisdom, peace, and power. These words are weighty and important in team building. This is why purple is being used as a name in team building.

You’re probably thinking of getting cute and unique purple team names for your team. Look no more. I’ve got you covered. Just relax and read on. This article is meant to answer that big question in your heart. I’ll give you several purple team names ideas and tips on creating your own unique and cute purple team names.

Let’s look into some purple team names.

Unique Purple Team Names

  • Bubble up
  • Violet Hacks
  • Invictus
  • The Go Getters
  • Ruthless Orchids
  • Purple Freaks
  • Purple Soldiers
  • Purple Warriors
  • Bloom in the Night
  • Blossom Knight
  • Eagle’s Flight
  • Periwinkles
  • Victorious Lavender
  • Power Pushers
  • Luxury
  • Always Alert
  • Immaculate purple
  • Co-crushers
  • Pink Posse
  • Elegant Purple Blooms

Purple Names for Ladies Basketball team

  • Pink Rosa
  • Purplish Girls
  • Flower Bloom
  • Purple Rosa
  • Purple Bubble Slay
  • Purple Chicks
  • Rasp Ladies
  • Berry Girls
  • Purple butterflies
  • The Purple Vine
  • Go-getters
  • Bubbles up
  • Purple Clan
  • The Watchdogs
  • Power Package
  • Lady Hawks
  • Sparkling Zebras
  • Purple Gum Girls
  • They Fabulous Purpose
  • Purple Slayers

Purple Team Names for Guys Basketball Team

  • The Wildcats
  • The Weirdo
  • The Purple Jacquards
  • Black Panthers
  • Purple Pacesetters
  • The Awesome Profs
  • The Purple Hawks
  • The River Jordan
  • Purple Storm
  • Purple Crushers
  • The Unbeatable Lions
  • Purple Cobras
  • Purple Nuggets
  • Power Storms
  • The Purple Initiators
  • Unbeatable
  • Purple Immaculate

Purple Team Names for Cheerleading Team

  • All Star Purple
  • Grand Style Girls
  • Purple Twisters
  • Purple Avalanche
  • Fiercely Hot Chicks
  • Jelly Fish Spark
  • Star Chicks
  • Dynamic Girls
  • Prestige babes
  • The Challengers
  • Super Purple Girls
  • Titanic Girlie
  • Superb Purple Launchers
  • Unicorn Perfect
  • Wild Cats
  • Purple Raindrops
  • Shining Stars
  • The Sun
  • The Fire Blazers
  • Purple Wine

Purple Team names for a School Debate

  • Unstoppable Folks
  • Purple Nerds
  • Purple Stars
  • Power Purple Team
  • Purple Spark
  • Listen Now
  • The Purple Blazers
  • Purple Push!
  • Purple Attack!
  • Forward March!
  • Peak Masters
  • The Outspoken Angels
  • Purple Impact
  • Talkie Talker
  • Purple Heads on
  • The First Ride
  • Speaking Gurus
  • Invictus
  • The Purple Force
  • People Prominent Speakers

Funny Purple Team Names

  • Purple Big Hats
  • Purple Crazy Girls
  • Purplish Hamburgers
  • Purple Soup
  • Cat Mew Purple
  • Purple Mouse
  • Purple Cow meat
  • Purple Bow
  • Purple Drizzle
  • Lone Lavender
  • Juicy Purple Pot
  • Purple Rocks
  • Purple Wine Rain
  • Purple Cannabis
  • Purple Gel
  • Rock it!
  • Lemon Purple Squeeze
  • Purple Milk
  • Purple Baby
  • Breathing Purple Mats

How to Create a Purple Team Name

You might want to try out new things and create your purple team name. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this part of the article, I’ll be giving you some tips that can help you coin out purple team names for your team.

  • Meditate on the team’s identity: Identity as a team matters because it speaks a lot about you. Knowing your identity gives you and your purple team strength, boldness, and confidence to represent who you are and what you stand for. Your purple team name should reflect and include something relating to your team’s personality. Issues will arise if goals and visions do not appear in your purple name.
  • Common Vibes of team members: Can two walk together except they both agree? No right? This is also one of the things you should consider while choosing your purple team name. Referring to the introductory part of this article, purple symbolizes lots of nice values that are important in sustaining a team. For instance, if all your team members are ambitious and enthusiastic about succeeding, you might give your team the purple team name ‘The Ambitious Tigers.’ Reflect on your individual personalities and coin out a unique name for the purple team.
  • Think of the future: Do not limit your thoughts to the present or circumstances hovering around presently. Put into consideration the things that are yet to come. Your purple team name must reflect the entirety of your goals and visions, either in the present or future.
  • Use Short names: Using long names as a purple team name might be tiring to create. Also, you would not want to create a name that will be hard for people to remember. Just keep it short. Use short words that will efficiently reflect your vision.
  • Use location and music: A purple team name can include a location. For instance, “The Texas Blazers.” This purple team name reflects the location “Texas,” and it’s short and brief. You can also include your favorite music lyrics into the purple team name. Using location is most common in sports purple team names.
  • Make a team decision: Choosing a name among team members might be hard sometimes. To make decisions, write down all the purple team name suggestions, choose the three most suitable purple team names and write each on a piece of paper, then let them pick one.
  • Use a name generator: This is a very lazy but easy approach. Use online name generators to generate names until you find a suitable one.