30 Best Anime Usernames for Tiktok

Last Updated on November 11, 2021

Tiktok has come to the limelight of social media. It is now a base for influencers and vloggers. Tiktok is a Chinese company that was founded in 2017 and is owned by ByteDance. It went global when it partnered with Musical.ly in 2018. It is similar to the Chinese app “Douyin,” but it is an international version with different features. The social networking app allows its users to feature videos of 15 seconds to three minutes in length. Due to the nature of where Tiktok originated, it is associated with Japanese animated characters called anime.

Anime are Japanese hand-drawn characters that are designed and put to life by computers. Anime are very different from regular cartoons and are easy to recognize. Features like big eyes, rough hair, lengthy arms, legs, etc., are the distinctive outlines of anime characters. Animes are known to emotionally influence their viewers due to their bright colors, tricks, engaging, and captivating storylines. It is no surprise that adults make up a considerable number of anime lovers.

As earlier said, Tiktok is associated with anime. Therefore, it is expected to be an anime display hub. Of a fact, anime lovers are confident people, so they would always want to reveal themselves with names, designs, and video clips associated with anime. Anime usernames for TikTok are cool. They give a sense of morale and pride to whoever bears them. Do you need a befitting anime username for Tiktok? Check out these names listed below.

Cool Anime Username for Tiktok for Guys

  • Masashsu
  • Nartsuuri__
  • Meetshi_roh
  • Nobooroo_b
  • Yasuk!
  • Tatsuuy@
  • Meekio
  • Tushiroh
  • Yooiche.e
  • Arartarh
  • Dayiss
  • Heedeeki!
  • Belt_sar_shel
  • Droov-eesh
  • Mohanjuut@

Cute Anime Username For Tiktok For Girls

  • Akar_ay
  • Kyuuko
  • Emichi@
  • Ayanna
  • Chiaki-ami
  • Bush-ane
  • Keichi
  • Kuromiko-
  • Saryoomee
  • Sumisai
  • M@leiko
  • Shino_hiro
  • Ren-aoi
  • Rinsana
  • Akanee

How To Select A Cool Anime Username

There are a whole lot of anime names to pick and use as your anime username on Tiktok. However, what defines you as the possessor of that username is its uniqueness.

As an anime lover, you should know a series of names you can combine to produce a name. You can make selections from your favorite anime character. Also, you can make a choice depending on your personality and the behaviors that define you.

Also, in choosing a cool anime username for Tiktok, you should select a name that every anime fan would recognize or relate to. You can keep those who are not in the anime community guessing. Eventually, when they decode the real anime names, they might want to know more about that character. Voilà, you just added someone to the anime community.

Concerning the methods listed above, you can make an excellent selection by combining anime names with their behaviors. Ingenious right? So with your name, you can display your favorite anime character and anime behavior. There are no boundaries to selecting an awesome anime username for Tiktok. You need to be creative and let your passions flow. You can even consult your friends for brighter ideas when making combinations.