40+ Fascinating Aztec Names And Meanings

Last Updated on November 11, 2021

When the word Aztec comes to mind, many people have varying ideas on what the tribe was about. Ranging from inspiring names, agriculture, architecture (temples and places of worship), writing skills, formulating a calendar system, and their art. To this day, their art is an inspiration to many designers and architectural buildings worldwide.

Aztecs originated from Central Mexico. They were a Mesoamerican culture that thrived in the post-classic period of 1300-1521. Although almost extinct, they currently go by a different name, “Nahua.” More than one – and -half a million people from the tribe live all over present-day Mexico, earning their living as farmers and selling craftworks.

According to research, the Nahua or Aztecs are one of the 60 indigenous people still living in Mexico.

One thing that strikes aside their art and architecture is their uncommon names. Most of their names were inspired by nature, culture, gods, and goddesses. For their men, most of their names originated from famous warriors. In the olden days, the general population was not allowed to name their children after famous people. It was only for the noble.

Below are names and their meaning that are both male, female and are also gender-fluid.

Beautiful Aztec Names for Girls

  • Citlalic: It means a rising star
  • Quetzalli: It means a large, beautiful feather
  • Chimalma: It means shield-bearer
  • Amoztli: It means book
  • Nenetl: It means doll
  • Atzi: It means rain
  • Itzpapalotl: It is the name of a famous Aztec female warrior
  • Coaxoch: It means serpent flower
  • Necahual: It means survivor
  • Quetzal: It means precious flower or queen
  • Tayanna: It means gift from God
  • Xoco: It means the youngest sister

Cool Aztec Name for Boys

  • Acalan: It means a small and narrow rowing boat
  • Ácatl: It means giant reed
  • Chicahua: It means strong
  • Chimalli/Chimalley: It means shield
  • Coatl: It means snake or serpent
  • Citalee: It means star
  • Ohtli: It means road
  • Quetzalcoatl: It means God of wind and rain
  • Tlacelel: It means the greatest hero
  • Tlanextli: It means radiance or splendour
  • Tupoc: It means warrior
  • Ocotlan: It means pine
  • Xipilli: It means jeweled prince
  • Xiuhcoatl: It means a weapon of destruction
  • Xochipilli: It means the God of love and flowers
  • Yaotl: It means warrior

Fascinating Aztec Names that are Gender-Neutral

  • Atl – It means water
  • Cualli/Cuallee/Cuallea – It means good
  • Eztli – it means blood
  • Mazatl – It means deer
  • Meztli – It means moon
  • Nahuatl – It means goddess of Water and Rivers
  • Tenoch – It means fruit
  • Toltecatl – It means an artist or creative person
  • Xipil – It means noble one or one of fire
  • Yolotli – It means heart
  • Zuma – It means the Lord frowns in anger
  • Izel – It means unique

How to Create a Good Aztec Name

These are just a few names amongst a host of others not listed here. The tribe still inspires many people to this day, as intending couples name their newborns after this creative and artistic culture. It’s also good to know that these names come from our daily happenings in our environment entwined with robust and almost extinct cultures.

To create good Aztec names, you need to research the Aztec culture and language. This would help you pick an appropriate name that has a good meaning when translated to English.