60 Best World of Warcraft Character Names

Last Updated on November 3, 2021

World of Warcraft, also known as WOW by abbreviation, is an online game released in 2004. The gaming experience takes place in the world of Azeroth and engages the player on quests that mainly involve fighting monsters, other online players, and non-player characters. Most of these quests involve players working together as a team but can also be played without interacting with other players. Each character progresses as quests are completed.

World of Warcraft is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG). Hence, it involves so many players from different parts of the world. This is why naming your character is very much needed. You want to have a unique avatar that can be done by naming your character right. To this extent, this article avails you of the best names that you can easily choose from.

Also, if you prefer to engage your creativity, you have a guide for creating your unique world of Warcraft names without having to pick from an existing list of character names right at the end of this article.

So, let’s get right into it – the 60 best World of Warcraft character name to inspire your own.

15 Best World of Warcraft Priest Names

  • Thenthias Nunishoth
  • Maat
  • Anatol
  • Orred
  • Naruna
  • Oahuurn
  • Erethaa
  • Senora
  • Mahnan
  • Ocard
  • Kairus
  • Kayaguni
  • Modon
  • Phenthant Olsai
  • Darsun

15 Best World of Warcraft Hunter Names

  • Enda
  • Lunarette
  • Lydrel Dushos
  • Arvun
  • Jegroll Nurgir
  • Dulvi
  • Finro
  • Muny
  • Irenah
  • Ustos Foroll
  • Nuruul
  • Nuvil
  • Vurgo Dittinur
  • Dugras
  • Actelaas

15 Best World of Warcraft Warrior Names

  • Gohaa
  • Kanlius
  • MatraaKovyssel Neten
  • Olvar
  • Egoally
  • Xarid
  • Kanlaur Tosien
  • Jalius
  • Cerjen Kudael
  • Ritre Mitol
  • Ladrimus
  • Nulsyllonn Tottolsis
  • Tollent Asidroth
  • Feebina
  • Faidorn Thettostryl

15 Best general World of Warcraft Names

  • Arcteruk
  • Nocainn
  • Miarula
  • Yilir
  • Gadar
  • Audum
  • Jari
  • Gotere
  • Aunis
  • Nanvi
  • Baarus
  • Kiran
  • Toran
  • Mentol
  • Hanard

How To Create a Good World of Warcraft Name

In case you want to create a good world of Warcraft names for your characters all by yourself. It is pretty simple and much simpler if you follow the following guide.

  • Everyone can create a name, but you should familiarize yourself with existing World of Warcraft names to create a good one. This helps you direct your creativity and interest. Now, based on your preferences and interests, you can list some names from movies that relate to the events simulated in the World of Warcraft game; movies with warriors, hunters, and priests, for instance, will fit perfectly well. You probably have a long list now. Take a few names off and ensure you have only your best character names left. Based on the appearance and specialty of the character you are naming, you can easily pick a name for your character from the shortlist of related movie characters!
  • You can also create a name that does not exist before or one from a locale that interests you. Your name should be short and easily pronounceable. However, without much effort, you can check through the best World of Warcraft names as presented in this article and simply pick a good one.