40 Trending Funny Camping Group Names in 2022

Last Updated on November 3, 2021

I once heard someone say that “there’s no Wi-Fi in the mountains but you’ll find better connections there”.

Funny but true; connecting with the ecstasy of nature, the deafening sound of silence of the night, the soothing, chilly breeze comforted by a warm campfire and the ever-glowing, twinkling stars. All of these can only be enjoyed while camping. Easing the stress of the hustle and bustle from work, brainstorming assignments and so on; camping is the best therapy!

Camping is generally an outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from home (sometimes outside developed areas) with or without shelters such as tents or recreational vehicles.

I’ve got some funny camping team names whether you’re camping with friends, family, colleagues or fellow adventurers. Also, there are a few tips to help you brainstorm and create your own funny camping team names.

So, let’s take a look some funny camping team names

10 Funny Camping Group Names For Girls Camp

  • Ladies and no men
  • Foodie ladies
  • Potbelly campers
  • Wonder women
  • Supergirls
  • Firefighters
  • All fun and no work
  • The three musketeers
  • Stargazers
  • Fun and furious

10 Funny Camping Team Names For Boys Camp

  • Enjoyment officers
  • Captain food
  • Barefoot battalion
  • Just chillaxing campers
  • Escaping my boss
  • Night ninjas
  • A call of the wild
  • Lazy days
  • Work fever

20 Funny Camping Group Names For Everyone

  • People in sleeping bags
  • Where’s my real bed?
  • Camp more, work less
  • No more mosquitoes
  • Rat race rebels
  • Fresh air association
  • Burnt offerings
  • Nature lovers
  • Moonlight madness
  • My bed has wheels
  • Think outside campers
  • It’s a Jungle out there
  • Gladiators
  • Camp one, camp all
  • Camp ten trees
  • Young dreams
  • The campers collection
  • Camp supernova
  • Camp spirit
  • Grounded campers.

How to create your own funny camping group name

Instead of choosing from the ones listed above, you can decide to create your own funny camping team name and here are a few tips that would guide you:

  • Think of the reason you’re camping

Are you camping to ease off the stress you’ve had over time? Do you desire a break and time to relax without having to be disturbed? Or do you wish to have an adventure?. Any of which, your reason for camping should be portrayed in the camping team name.

  • Highlight the things you love about camping

What are the things you enjoy while camping? Or what do you wish to enjoy while camping?. It could be the serenity of the environment, the stars, the campfire, the food and so on; all these can be an inspiration to naming your camping team.

  • Using names from the environment

Funny camping team names can be created from nature. For example, if you camp on the hills, near the mountains, or by the waterfall, your funny camping team name should have any of these attached to it. E.g. mountain shakers.

  • Sex, relationship, or occupation of campers

The sex of the campers too can enable you to generate a funny camping team name; it could be a camp for just boys, girls or both. Relationships such as family, colleagues at work or classmates from school can also determine the type of funny camping team name.