30+ Best Korean Usernames

Last Updated on November 11, 2021

The Korean lifestyle is breathing heavily throughout the world today. Everyone wants to keep up with Korean trends, fashion, movies, music, and everything concerned with their entertainment. No doubt, they produce good content and want to be emulated.

Korean celebrities are widely loved and adored by their fans and other people, from their characters to even their names. If you fall in this category of people, you might just be a big Korean follower.

So you are thinking of joining the Instagram space, and you are brainstorming on a username to pick. As someone who likes Korean characters, why don’t you select a Korean username and bask in it? Korean usernames are awesome to pronounce and own. You want to check out these cool Korean usernames if you want to stay trendy.

Best Korean Usernames for Girls

  • Baeyoon
  • Iseulbae
  • Jinyoo
  • Yunwan
  • Ranroo
  • Jiyonshi
  • Durieun
  • Danbisom
  • Bidalrae
  • Cheunung
  • Binoram
  • Kimyoo
  • Shujin
  • Rydall
  • Nikkie

Best Korean Usernames for Guys

  • Hyunbi_k
  • Ho_shud19
  • Yoljung__
  • Shidaya@
  • Daldal_yun
  • Durieun!
  • Hada_neul
  • Woolkish10
  • Ham-shik-nuu!
  • Hwanseok¥
  • Jung-il
  • Huishun
  • Hunji_@@
  • Daewonsu
  • Jun-si-uk
  • Kookp¥oo

How to Choose a Good Korean Username

Although we have presented some cool Korean usernames that you can choose from, you still need to know how this thing works and fits. The first thing you should know is that choosing a good Korean username all depends on you. The kind of username combination that would suit you will probably be different from that of your Korean-loving friend. In essence, you are your determining factor.

A lot of people like to be called after their favorite celebrities. They tend to feel like these exact persons whenever they get addressed with their celebrity names. And for many, it is a motivation to work on their dreams and goals so they can be regarded and recognized like those celebrities. So you can make your pick from your favorite celebrities.

Another trick to choosing a good Korean username is by reading stories about Korean legends. Legends inspire people and drive them more towards their desires and purpose. So adopting a name from them can help to keep you focused. Korean Legend has it that Jacheongbi is the goddess of agriculture and she gifts farming to humanity. As one who is philanthropic and compassionate, you could coin out your username from her.

You would want a username that looks trendy, right? But have you thought of how easy it would be to pronounce it? Would you even remember it five days after you chose it? These days, everyone wants something easy, and nobody would spend minutes trying to memorize your name. If it is not easy to remember, then forget about trending. Think of Korean celebrities you know today and check how easy it is to pronounce and remember their name. Keep your name simple but classy.

Note that a Korean username on Instagram is not complicated. You are the one trying it the hard way. You can play around with words and their meanings, and boom, you’ve got yourself a unique name. Nam Joo Hyuk translated his name from Korean to English and got @skawngur as his username on Instagram. The famous actress of” Crash Landing on You” got her Instagram username @yejinhand by translating her last name “Son” to English “hand.” You see, it is pretty straightforward. Now go ahead and select a unique and trendy name for yourself.