60+ Best Rocket League Club Names

Last Updated on October 8, 2021

Rocket League was released in 2015 as a video game to be played on Xbox, PC, Nintendo or PlayStation. A game of soccer played with cars and because it is fast paced, relatively easy to play and involves being part of a team it is very popular with children and young adults.

In 2018 Rocket League went to the next level by introducing Clubs. This welcome upgrade gives the opportunity to join other players to form clubs and organize teams to play for their club.

If you want a great name for your club here is a list of names already being used for you to take inspiration from:

Best Rocket League Club Names

  1. Iris
  2. Excel Esports
  3. Triple Trouble
  4. Deception
  5. Corvidae
  6. Kings of Urban
  7. Vendetta
  8. Ranked Tryhards
  9. Mock-It eSports EU
  10. Take 3
  11. Rvival
  12. eQuinox
  13. Inspiration
  14. Exodus
  15. Gale Force eSports
  16. Savage
  17. Scylla Esports
  18. Avant Gaming
  19. Fibeon eSports
  20. PSG eSports
  21. Wild Card
  22. Lucky Bounce
  23. G2 Esports
  24. Billy Fan Club
  25. Selfless Gaming
  26. Nova
  27. Alpha Sydney
  28. Hammers
  29. Lights Out
  30. Denial Esports
  31. Set To DestroyX
  32. Retirement Home
  33. Sand Castle
  34. Fnatic
  35. Ground Zero Gaming
  36. The Flying Dutchmen
  37. Momentum
  38. Team Secret
  39. Gameroos XD
  40. The Leftovers
  41. Chiefs Esports Club
  42. FlyQuest
  43. Epsilon eSports
  44. Failure to Launch
  45. We Dem Babies
  46. Swarm Gaming
  47. Rogue
  48. Team Dignitas
  49. Love Decks
  50. Northern Gaming
  51. ExRay
  52. Secrecy
  53. The Other Team
  54. NRG Esports
  55. OhMyDog
  56. Jam Gaming
  57. Crown & Jewels
  58. Splyce
  59. Athletico
  60. Legs are silly

How to come up with the best club names in Rocket League?

Clubs consist of 20 players; each player must be invited to join the club by the owner and can only belong to one club. Choosing a name for the club team players should keep in mind that this game is a an esport involving fast cars and soccer balls.

It is easy to set up a club in Rocket League here are 4 steps to coming up with a unique and original club name?

Step 1 Think of combining powerful words that reference cars and soccer. Example: Grand Prix Shooters

Step 2 Take a famous soccer player or team and use it together with a fast car. Example: Ronaldo Porches or Manchester McLaren’s.

Step3 Use word association with your team and discuss which words work best together to represent your club. Example: Redd Fenders or Hood Extractors

Step 4 Enter the game and navigate to the Play Menu here you will select ‘Create Club’ and enter your new club name. In this tab you will also be able to choose colours for your team.

Being unique and creative in coming up with a great club name will be necessary as Rocket League after its initial 200 000 players in the first week after launch has steadily grown in popularity to over 95 million players.