30+ Cool Monster Names That You Have NEVER Seen Before

Last Updated on November 3, 2021

Creativity is taken a notch upper when you have to come up with monster names. To come up with a monster name, it has to be something that sounds just right and befitting for its purpose. Be it a story or a movie, you want your monster name to give off what you had in mind when creating it.

Your monster name can be scary. You may want a name that, even before your audience realizes it’s a monster, they already feel creeped out by the name. But it doesn’t end there and gives them goosebumps when they see the monster in question.

There are various reasons why you would also want your monster name to be funny. If your story has its target audience as kids, you would want to choose them considering that fact. You want something that won’t give them the chills, and they could say out loud. It could be this, or you are just going to sound cheerful, so they like your characters.

Then again, you might want to sound cool. Your monster name doesn’t have to be dead to give people the chills. Choosing a cool name for your monster keeps people curious and makes them focus more on your monster’s personality. That way, when your monster turns out awesome, it sells the name without any hassle.

Here are some monster names that you can choose from that are just right for your monster.

15 Funny Monster Names for you

  1. Duskwings
  2. Thornscream
  3. Fetidsword
  4. Spectralhag
  5. Hunchback
  6. The Colossal Keeper
  7. The Blind Lump
  8. Mistcreep
  9. The Razorback Cat
  10. Bigfoot
  11. Voodooqueen
  12. Vexseeker
  13. Phantomgoul
  14. The Crazy
  15. Greedy Blob

15 Scary Monster Names You Could Try

  1. Plaguepest
  2. Soilspawn
  3. Chaoshound
  4. Morndeviation
  5. Decayhag
  6. Barbfiend
  7. Cavescream
  8. Ash Vermin
  9. Sorrowcreep
  10. Evasive Iron Killer
  11. Stonebeast
  12. The Undead Lich
  13. The Putrid Freak
  14. Raptor Buffalo
  15. The Executioner

10 Monster Names That Creeps You Out

  1. The Kraken
  2. The Bleak Child
  3. Duskserpent
  4. Mournbody
  5. Trancebody
  6. The Horned Horror Snake
  7. Lone Light Warthog
  8. Leprechaun
  9. Bloodhound Jackal
  10. Nethergolem

How to Create a Good Monster Name

  • What are you aiming for? Are you looking for funny, scary, witty, or cool? Deciding the kind of monster name you want will give you a direction on where to start. After you have decided the kind of audience you’re writing for, then you’ll know which monster name best fits the monster you’re trying to build.
  • Simple and easy to remember is your best bet. You want your monster name to be short and simple. No matter the kind of audience you have, everybody wants it easy. They need something easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and easy to remember.
  • Always make a list. You should be able to come up with a variety of monster names to choose from before making a final decision. Your first idea might not be the best one. Allow your mind to roam free, and in the end, choose the best.

You could always trim the list by checking how they sound out loud. You don’t want people to laugh when you say your monster name out loud, especially when you are not trying to be funny.