55+ Majestic Minecraft Sword Names (Never Seen Before)

Last Updated on October 8, 2021

How to determine a charming name for your Minecraft sword?

As a fabulous game, the popularity of Minecraft will beat many other famous games.

Millions of gamers worldwide take part in Minecraft and Minecraft sword is arguably the most iconic weapon in the game. Naming the Minecraft sword is a task itself and every participant wants to name his word uniquely.

So, what can be a mind-blowing name for your Minecraft sword? Let’s have a glance at the list of innovative Minecraft sword names. 

Majestic names for your Minecraft sword

  1. Skull crusher
  2. The destructor
  3. Royal ramble
  4. Storm breaker
  5. Thunderbolt
  6. Dark Omen
  7. Desire’s etcher
  8. Lightning striker
  9. Asteroid
  10. Devil’s axe
  11. Volcano
  12. Sacred fire
  13. Pride reflector
  14. Knight’s honor
  15. Dark defender
  16. The winning reaper
  17. Mjolnir
  18. Iron blast
  19. Gladius
  20. Sky-stunner
  21. Furious hulk
  22. Pain inducer
  23. The defender of death
  24. The doom of darkness
  25. Surtur
  26. Titan’s rage
  27. The impeccable stinger
  28. The annihilator
  29. Dragon fire
  30. The striker of the arena
  31. Blood viper
  32. Wolf’s eye
  33. Morbid Will
  34. Hawkeye
  35. The Hercules
  36. The mad venom
  37. The defender of trust
  38. The sparking arrow
  39. Divine trident
  40. The almighty
  41. The evil spirit
  42. Mountain cruncher
  43. The messenger of death
  44. The bite of death
  45. The noble armor
  46. Battle winner
  47. The showstopper
  48. The weaver of win
  49. Hell’s curse
  50. The light of extinction
  51. The awful sphincter
  52. Gutrender
  53. The ravenous rocker
  54. Firing crusader
  55. The soul of bravery

These are some of some innovative and exciting names that will make the appearance of your Minecraft sword way cooler. This list compiles some interesting names that may impress your fellow Minecraft participants as well.

How can you come up with a catchy and unique Minecraft sword name?

As millions of players are participating in Minecraft, you may find it hard to find distinct Minecraft sword names. Anyway, creating a unique sword name is a necessity in terms of making your appearance impressive in Minecraft. So, how do you create a unique one?

  • First of all, your sword name in Minecraft should neither be too short nor too long. Selecting short names means that you stand high chances to pick a common name. On the other hand, a long name will often go unnoticed due to its length. So, it’s ideal to select a two-word or three-word name for your Minecraft sword.
  • Coming to the name, you can name your Minecraft sword after the name of a classic weapon like Mjolnir. Otherwise, you can select a name that defines your intent and spirit in the game. Apart from that, you can name your Minecraft sword after the name of your favorite character from movies or comics.
  • You need to make that the name sounds concise and portrays your character. Alongside, it would be better if the name is easily readable and pronounceable.

These are the tips you need to follow if you’re in search of astounding Minecraft sword names.