What is the Height of Mikel Williams? How Tall Is Mikel Williams? (2022)

Last Updated on December 5, 2021

Mikey Williams is a 17 year old American basketball player who currently plays for his high school team-San Ysidro High school.

He is known for possessing a strong work ethic, and he is also a firm believer in having strategic long-term goals and achieving them. Currently rising in ranks as of the top-rated due to his impressive basketball skills and speed.

What is the Height of Mikel Williams?

Mikel Williams currently stands at an height of 75 inches . In cm, he measures 190.5 cm

What is the Weight of Mikel Williams?

He weighs about 220 pounds or 100kg. His chests measure 40 inches, his arms at 14 inches, and his waist circumference is 36 inches.

What is the Net worth of Mikel Williams?

Even as a 17-year old basketball baller, he has bridged the gap between his finances and fame. As of 2020, he is said to be worth between $500 thousand and 1 million. Due to his current rise as a golden boy, it’s predicted that his worth will rise once he gets signed to a club in the coming years. It’s said that he currently arms more than his fellow same-age players.

What is the relationship status of Mikel Williams?

He previously dated Serenity Johnson, who is also a basketball player. Sources have revealed that he is currently dating Deja Kelly, a five-star prospect schooling at Duncansville High. He has occasionally been seen commenting on her posts on Instagram.

Mikel Williams Biography

Mikel was born on the 26th of June 2004 in San Diego, California. It’s highly unlikely that the love of sport won’t have been inborn, as his father ( Mahlon Williams) played basketball and his mum ( Charissa Williams) also played softball. His mother introduced him to the sport at infancy(6 months), as she noticed how excited he got at the sight of the ball. With the support and guidance from his Dad, he began training and playing. He did his first dunk in his fifth grade at high school.

He worked as a ball boy for the head coach of his school. He was spotted at the age of 13, and he started playing for a team called Malcolm Thomas All-Stars which easily takes the spot as one of the best teams in the country.

He got the placement of one of the topmost players in the 7th and 8th-grade boys class of 2023 top 50.

He has received offers to compete against veterans in the highly ranked field, like Lebron James Jr, who he says is his favorite player. He has also received offers from schools in San Diego and Arizona State, NCAA Division Programmes. Despite all these mouth-watering offers on a platter of Gold, Mikey prefers his college at UCLA. While also working towards his dreams of becoming top-rated by joining the Amateur Athletic Union, which has also garnered him more support. He had scored 41 points before making his high school debut.