50+ Keyboard Symbol Names (Full List)

Last Updated on December 6, 2021

The keyboard is an indispensable instrument or component of the computer and its gadgets in the technology age. Whether physically or whether it pops up on the screen of varying gadgets, the keyboard remains even more important. The keyboard comprises a handful of keys, and while there are several characters, they are divided into a few categories such as:

  • Numeric Characters
  • Alphabetic Character
  • Symbols

A symbol is a mark or sign, or combination of letters or objects used to designate or represent a particular idea or concept. The keyboard is a component of a computer, the keyboard consisting of several characters cannot contain all functions written in letters, hence the representation of these functions on the keyboard.

There are other symbols on the computer that are not written boldly on the keyboard characters. However, the basic and most commonly used symbols are well inscribed on the keyboard.

Understanding Keyboard names will make it easier for users of computer gadgets to navigate their way through the simple and professional use of the computer. It does not matter how beautiful or user-friendly a keyboard might be. If the user cannot identify and comprehend the names of the symbols, it is as simple as not having a keyboard at all.

Going through these keyboard symbol names will make their identification simpler for you.

Names of Keyboard symbols

Symbols Names

  • ~ Tilde
  • ` Back quote
  • ! Exclamation mark
  • @ At
  • # Pound or number sign or sharp or harsh
  • $ Dollar
  • % Percentage
  • ^ Caret or circumflex
  • & And or Ampersand
  • * Asterisk
  • ( Open bracket
  • ) close bracket
  • _ Underscore
  • – Minus or hyphen
  • + Plus
  • = Equal
  • / Slash or forward slash or whack
  • ; Semi-colon
  • : Colon
  • ‘ Apostrophe or single quote or inverted comma
  • | Pipe or Vertical bar
  • [ Open Square bracket
  • ] close Square bracket
  • { Braces or curly or Squiggly brackets open
  • } Braces or curly or Squiggly brackets close
  • ? Question mark
  • < Less than
  • > Greater than
  • . Period or dot or full stop
  • \ Backslash

While there are general symbols that one can find on the traditional keyboard, some variations may differ depending on the manufacturer. Some of these symbols are listed below:

Symbols Name

  • Esc Escape key
  • Pg up Page Up
  • Pg dn Page down
  • Windows logo Windows key
  • Ctrl Control key
  • Alt Alternate key (Windows) Option Key (Mac)
  • Prt sc Print Screen
  • Num Lock Number lock key
  • Home Return to beginning
  • Space bar Create empty space
  • Fn function key
  • Arrows up, down, left, right arrow keys
  • Enter move/Enter into next line
  • End Move cursor to the end
  • Backspace erase backward
  • Brightness increase and reduce brightness
  • Volume keys increase, decrease, and mute volume
  • Pause/Play pause or play media
  • Airplane airplane mode
  • Ins Insert key
  • Forward fast forward or backward (for media)
  • Command key Apple mac computers.

Operating any computer gadget is a part of everyday life, and a grasp of these keyboard symbols will make communications much easier and faster for you. Whether you are a new user who hasn’t grabbed the symbols adequately or just need to juggle the brain to remember the names of computer symbols, keyboard symbol names provided here will help you out.