80+ Funny Dinosaur Names You Have Never Seen Before

Last Updated on November 3, 2021

You’ve probably watched the movie “Jurassic World,” or probably you’ve heard of it somewhere. But, have you paused to wonder what it means? The Jurassic period is referred to as the second period of the Mesozoic era. This is a period between the Triassic period and the Cretaceous period. During this period, the Earth was believed to be ruled by some majestic group of creatures called Dinosaurs (Dinosauria).

The literal meaning of dinosaur is a terrible lizard. Though there are few claims that people have come in contact with dinosaurs, the major proof we have that these creatures did exist is their fossils being discovered by scientists worldwide.

Often, the individual who discovers them or the scientist who affirms their type of species usually gives the dinosaur a name based on the discovery. Often, the name reflects the kind of dinosaurs they are believed to be.

In today’s world, books and movies like Jurassic world help us connect with what it might look like living in the Mesozoic era. And that is why book writers and movie directors are usually searching for cool, funny, and weird dinosaur names to use for their work. As a result, we have collated a list of funny and cool dinosaur names.

So, if you are looking for funny dinosaur names, keep on reading as you are in the right place.

32 Funny Dinosaur Names

  • Amargastegos
  • Bayosaurus
  • Hanwulosaurus
  • Daffy
  • Smileysaur
  • Stevosaur
  • Airakoraptor
  • Gspsaurus
  • Alamotyrannus
  • Beelemodon
  • Becklespinax
  • Dollodon
  • Futalognkosaurus
  • Monoclonius
  • Opisthocoelicaudia
  • Tiantaisaurus
  • Vectensia
  • Bihariosaurus
  • Eugongbusaurus
  • Futabasaurus
  • Magulodon
  • Ronaldoraptor
  • Yibinosaurus
  • Piatnitzkysaurus
  • Pantydraco
  • Sinusonasus
  • Maojandino
  • Pakisaurus
  • Andhrasaurus
  • Cryptoraptor
  • Duranteceratops
  • Uberabatitan

24 Cool And Funny Dinosaur Names

  • Anzu
  • Daemonosaurus
  • Jindipelta
  • Gigantoraptor
  • Iguanacolossus
  • Khaan
  • Newtonsaurus
  • Nicksaurus
  • Dingo
  • Cherryx
  • Dor
  • Tyrannos
  • Zulzin
  • Raptor Zord Velociraptor
  • Fran Sinclair
  • Indoraptor
  • Raptorex
  • Skorpiovenator
  • Stygimoloch
  • Forx
  • Giroux
  • Supersaurus
  • Tyrannotitan
  • Damalasaurus

20 Strange But Funny Dinosaur Names

  • Anatotitan
  • Colepiocephale
  • Drinker
  • Gasosaurus
  • Irritator
  • Yamaceratops
  • Bambiraptor
  • Micropachycephalosaurus
  • Titanophoneus
  • Archbishop
  • Lizard face
  • Indominus Rex
  • Princess Dei Deinonychus
  • Kosmoceratops
  • Kulindadromeus
  • Alan the Dinosaur
  • Nothronychus
  • Rhinorex
  • Stygimoloch
  • Yutyrannus

18 Scary But Funny Dinosaur Names To Use In Your Movies Or Books

  • JurasskickMark
  • KingTerror
  • Kyouryuu,
  • Largepaw
  • Fearme
  • Hammerit
  • Philosoraptor
  • Quickfang
  • Rhedosaurus
  • Scyther
  • Hannibal
  • Paleosaurus
  • Phearsome
  • Sharpclaw
  • Stompy
  • Titanosaurus
  • Tyranitar
  • MCbitesalot

How To Create A Good And Funny Dinosaur Names

Should in case you want to create your funny dinosaur names, here are some tips to help you:

  • Use a Greek word: Dinosaur names sound more impressive when named in Greek than in English. You can research several Greek words that sound like what you want, has a meaning relating to dinosaurs, or have a funny meaning. Afterward, you pick a funny dinosaur name from the list.
  • What is the purpose of creating the name? : Before creating a dinosaur name, you need to be clear on the purpose. If you are working on a paper or research, you can create your dinosaur after your work. If you want to use the name for a movie or book, you should be clear on what character you are portraying. Do you want something that will sound scary like Titanosaurus, something a bit weird like Lizard face, or something very cool like Cherryx