30+ Cool Skater Girl Names

Last Updated on December 5, 2021

Invented in California by surfers in the 1950s, Skateboarding or skating is a form of recreational activity or sport which consists of traveling on surfaces using skateboards commonly practiced among youths. The first skateboard was made of wooden boxes and crates with roller skates attached to the bottom. It’s termed an extremely dangerous sport due to the components of a skateboard, consisting of a board and four of 3 small wheels. There are 3 types of skating: Ice skating, Snow skating, and Hard Surface skating. As each of the names implies, they are all done on various surfaces.

It became more prominent in 1959 -1965 and slowly changed from being a toy to becoming a sport due to its industrial development.

Girls were not left out of the sport, even with the dangers it posed. They were referred to as Skater Girls. Breaking records and winning awards along the way. Below are names of prominent skater girls, both past and present, and how to create skater girl names.

Cool Skater Girl Names (Past And Present)

  • Jen O’Brien
  • Leticia Bufoni
  • Elissa Steamer
  • Lyn-Z Adam Hawkins
  • Aori Nishimura
  • Tonya Harding
  • Jhulia Rhyssa Mendes Leal
  • Nancy Ann Kerrigan
  • Pattie Mc Gee
  • Debra Janine Thomas
  • Pamela Rosa
  • Sonia Henie
  • Surya Bonaly
  • Oksana Serhiyivna Baiul-Farina
  • Yuka Sato
  • Karen Jonz Domingos Santos Claudio

More Cool Skater Girl Names You Can Try

  • Amber Wheeler
  • Chloe Sprinter
  • Hillary Congo
  • Springboard Darcy
  • Marley Heights
  • Zen Splinter

How To Create a Good Skater Girl Names

Creating an alias or name one uses for sport is fashionable. Getting the perfect name may depend on one’s mood, sport, a personal connection from family, or even inspiration from nature. Below are a few tips to help you create the perfect name

  • The indirect influence of one’s occupation. Your job can play a part in what you decide to name yourself. If you work at a financial institution, you can decide to call yourself “BillsGlider”. This is a combo of your job and your hobby.
  • The reason you love skatin. For most people, the adrenaline rush that comes with skating is one of the many reasons they choose the sport as a hobby. “Forcepad” is a name that can be gotten from the combination of safety pads used in skating and the rush one feels.
  • Reasons for skating. For some people, it’s a sport. For others, it’s a purely hobby to relax after a hard weekend of work. Names like “Lazy-Slidershow you are an occasional skater.
  • Using names from your environment. A name can be created from the environment where you live. For example, if you live in Bronx or Seattle, you can call yourself the “Queen of the Bronx” or “Seasurfer.”
  • Using your legal name. While some people decide to create aliases, others are okay using their names and probably shortening it. For instance, having a name like Phineas Merryweather can be shortened to “Phimeter” or “Phimmy.” This totally depends on what your name is.