60 Best PUBG Names for Players in 2022

Last Updated on November 3, 2021


PUBG in full is PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds. It was developed in Korea and is available as a mobile game app and also for PC. PUBG has become a very popular game, especially for Android and IOS users.

PUBG is a great battleground game where winning is predicated on killing enemies. It allows you to create your player name, which is how you are distinguished from other players and if you choose the right name, you earn some fame. Beyond your gaming skills, your player name also has a way of making your enemies dread you. Your PUBG player name matters a lot.

As a result, we have come up with a list of our best PUBG names to inspire you in creating your own. As you lay premium on your choice of player name, you must place some care on your clan name as well. Hence, this article provides the best PUBG player names and PUBG clan names for you.

In search of cool PUBG names? You are in the right place!

15 Best PUBG Names for Boys

  • Rebel
  • Damage
  • Groot
  • Mr.hulk
  • Knight
  • Death Storm
  • Dynamo
  • Titan
  • Fury
  • Badboi
  • Muscle
  • Bloodsucker
  • Blade
  • Killerman
  • Cold Prince

15 Best PUBG Names for Girls

  • SweetPoison
  • Spicy Shot
  • Evil Queen
  • Hot Angel
  • Lord Princess
  • Naughtiness
  • NarNhie
  • Huntress
  • Icequeen
  • Cold Niña
  • Bloody Candy
  • Phoenix
  • Pinkygurl
  • FireBaby
  • PrettyUgly

10 Best Unisex PUBG Names

  • Shadow
  • Death Storm
  • Evil Unicorn
  • Soul butcher
  • Loner
  • Unstoppable
  • Fire
  • Militant
  • Venom
  • Dagger

20 Best PUBG Clan Names

  • Fire Fighters
  • Evil Warriors
  • Gun Lords
  • Suicide Squad
  • The Assasinators
  • TheGiants
  • Maffia
  • Gangstersquad
  • Mortified Coercion
  • Soul Crushers
  • Destroyers
  • Dark forces
  • Cool Quenchers
  • Faulty Devils
  • Dragon flit
  • Ultra Power
  • Man Slayers
  • Creed of assasinators
  • Battalion
  • Danger Pride

How to Create a Good PUBG Name

Much more than the number of suggested PUBG names as presented in this article, it is crucial that you also know how to create a good PUBG name. This session gives some information on how you can create a good PUBG player or clan name.

The best PUBG names communicate fierceness, strength, and some aggressiveness. Such names introduce you to other players as a player to be feared. Your winning begins from there. PUBG names are not restricted to any language, so you are free to express yourself based on your language. However, it is more advisable to use a very popular language like English for other players to easily relate. Remember, you are communicating an idea of yourself to other players.

In creating a name, the use of symbols is popularly employed. Symbols have a way of making your name unique and stylish. The best PUBG names are created by combining strategically words or names and symbols. Your creativity is highly questioned in the bid to achieve this. Sounds like rocket science? No, it’s not. Creating a good PUBG name is very easy as long as the necessary things discussed here are considered.

Nevertheless, you can simply use PUBG Name Generator by entering your name, clicking on the “Generate” button, and copying the generated name.